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The hot swapping is done in almost all the available types of the RAID. The most of the available types of the RAID; support the concept of the hot swapping. The hot swapping can be even implemented in the IDE RAID, SCSI RAID, and also the SATA RAID. The concept of the hot swapping seems to be simple but at the time of the implementation is a bit difficult. The hot swapping can be even more complex process in the implementation of the different nested levels of the RAID. As it is considered that there are different levels in the RAID. The RAID levels may include the Single RAID Levels and the Multiple RAID Levels or also known as the nested RAID Levels.

There is another concept of the hot sparing that is used in the implantation of the RAID. In the hot sparing the concept involves that a disk drive is kept in spare and that is used when any of the disk drive fails during the operation. As it is known that there are many hard disk drives that are used in the implementation of the RAID. The purpose is to provide fault tolerance and the increment in the performance. But some times the RAID may also fail. Or mostly any one of the disk drives that are used in the RAID may fail. In such a case the hot spare disk drive is used as a back up for the failed disk drive. The concept of the hot sparing is independent from that of the hot swapping.

There is another connector that is used in the RAID systems that is the SCA. The SCA stands for the Single Connector Attachment. The term hot swapping is also known as the disk swapping of also known as the drive swapping. The term actually signifies the importance associated with it.

The term hot swapping means that changing the hard disk drive with out even switching off the power. Even if the disk drive fails then also the system is not halted for the purpose of even changing the hard disk. This ensures that the server runs well with out any interruptions. More over there are different types of swapping techniques that are available: The Hot Swap, Warm Swap and also the Cold Swap.

The term hot swapping is described above and now let us deal, with the other two techniques involved in the swapping that is the warm swapping and the cold swapping. The warm swapping is the one where in the system is not switched off and the power supply is not discontinued but the user processes needs to be stopped.

The warm swapping halts the work that is being done. The other subject of the discussion is the cold swapping. In cold swapping the normal process of the swapping takes place where in the hard disk power supply and the power to the system must be switched off in order to replace the hard disk drive. This is nothing but the normal replacement that is carried out for the replacement of the hard disk drive. The true process of the concept of the hot swapping involves all the different hardware components to be involved before swapping that is the bus, the hard disk drives and the RAID controllers that are all used in the computer system.

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